A letter from The Keel's new managing editor

Looking back at two years of covering development news for The Keel, it’s nice to reflect on all the different entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed. There’s a plucky verve to the spirit of a small business owner, one that I admire.

It’s not easy opening your own business and that’s evidenced by some of the stories on this very website; not every business whose opening we’ve covered remains open. Heck, some of the openings didn’t even end up happening in the first place. The best-laid plans …

But that’s what I like about the local entrepreneur community. They’ve got ideas and they’re not afraid to act on them.

This issue marks my first as managing editor of The Keel. It’s a batch of stories chronicling the different ways local businesses are working together to help the community and each other navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering small businesses has been right in my wheelhouse, but I look forward to expanding my scope in the coming weeks, months, and beyond to bring you an even bigger picture of what’s next for the Port Huron region.

It’s a strange time to be taking the helm — COVID-19 has all but erased six weeks of an editorial calendar full of compelling stories. The best-laid plans …

Now we’re finding new stories to tell.

I’m looking forward to it.

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