Lighthouse Cafe brewing up something special for Algonac

The Lighthouse Cafe is nearly ready to serve up the perfect blend of coffee and drinks to patrons in the Algonac area. Ken Faulk says opening day is a few weeks away for his new coffee shop.


Owner Ken Faulk expects to open his doors in the next couple of weeks so coffee lovers can make the most of pumpkin spice season. Traditional coffee lovers should not fret, however, there will be more than pumpkin spice on the menu.


Faulk says the cafe will serve Michigan-made Cadillac Company Coffee--hot or iced-- in a variety of flavors like hazelnut, French vanilla, mocha chocolate, and sugar-free French vanilla. There will also be seasonal blends like pumpkin spice and peppermint.


In addition to coffee drinks, the cafe will also offer cappuccino, bubble tea, smoothies, old fashioned bear claws, Danishes, and more. The smoothies are vegan-friendly.


Customers are welcome to stop in and take their time enjoying their drink while visiting with friends or scrolling through emails, or take a cup of joe to go.


In fact, that is part of the reason he opened the shop, to make it easier for people to get a coffee first thing in the morning.


“I noticed that my daughter and girlfriend were driving out of town to get specialty coffees,” he says and he knew there needed to be an option closer to home.

Making the morning coffee stop easier was the motivation behind Lighthouse Cafe

Lighthouse Cafe is at 2410 Pointe Tremble Road, the main strip heading in and out of Algonac, making it an easy pit stop for people on their morning, or evening, commute.


While preparing to open the business, Faulk visited coffee shops around the state to try and get a feel for what Algonac needed in a coffee stop.


He also practiced making the specialty drinks at home for his daughter, Sarah, 17. His first iced cappuccino proved to be a hit when five of her friends asked for the drink the next day. It was then Faulk knew he was on to something.


The cafe has space for 24 occupants and will offer WiFi, so students Vegan-friendly smoothies are featured on the Lighthouse Cafe menu.can feel free to come in and do their homework, or study.


The interior features photographs of Michigan's many lighthouses
taken by a local artist. Faulk plans to keep the atmosphere cozy, comfortable and dedicated to the state.

Faulk is hopeful the cafe will become a community gathering space for families and friends.


The Lighthouse Cafe will be open daily from morning to evening, with specific hours to be determined.

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