PJ Wallbank Springs expanding, generating local, global impact

P.J. Wallbank Springs Inc, based in Port Huron, is a global leader is making a positive impact in the local community.

The company exclusively focuses on the design and manufacturing of clutch return spring pack assemblies found in automotive transmissions. As the company grows, it is able to offer more career and development opportunities to Port Huron area residents.

From humble beginnings to making an international impact

In 1954, springmaker Phil Wallbank knew failure was not an option, especially after leaving England and immigrating to Canada with his wife ,Betty, and their young children.

He had been offered a foreman's position at a spring factory in Ontario, but upon arrival quickly discovered the company was in dismal shape.

He immediately made the decision to create his own opportunity, and founded P.J. Wallbank Manufacturing in 1955 in the basement of his family's old farmhouse.

With a $300 loan from the bank, and a handful of orders he had gathered himself, he was off to the races.

After experiencing exponential growth, in 1982, P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc., as we know it today, was founded in Port Huron by Melvyn Wallbank in order to meet the evolving needs of transmission clutches for the auto industry.

The rest is history.

The company supplies nearly 100 percent of Ford and General Motors requirements, and provides spring packs to customers around the globe.

In many cases, choosing to focus on one main area of expertise allows a company to specialize and become a dominating expert. P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc is no exception. The company chooses to focus solely on spring packs. It has been a refining process that spans more than 30 years.

Developing a team geared for success

Chris Wallbank, current president and the son of Melvyn Wallbank, makes it clear the key to the company's accomplishments is its team.

"The team is crucial to our success. I can't emphasize that enough. Finding good people is so critical," says Wallbank emphatically. "There's a great opportunity for a lot of people that we have here today to grow with us. We want to be net career creators."

The company is thrilled to make manufacturing a career opportunity for individuals who otherwise may not have followed the manufacturing career path. Leaders take great care in developing their team through the PJWS Technical Development Program. It is an avenue that provides technical leaders with a solid foundation. Employees are able to focus on one or more key areas of Manufacturing, Quality, or Design Engineering.

"Bringing people in from the outside and giving them that opportunity is exciting," says Wallbank. "We are able to help them from a tuition standpoint. We can also help coach them from a leadership standpoint, and we really help develop them as a person."

A future of sustainable growth

Increasing domestic and international business means the company is planning on nearly doubling in size in the near future. Above and beyond the internal jobs the company's growth will create, its leaders understand hiring additional employees can potentially have a chain effect of positive growth for the local economy.

Area restaurants, gas stations, and other establishments may benefit from the boost in the local market because more people will be employed and making an income. Wallbank and his team understand it will ultimately improve the company, the people, and the surrounding area. It is a sustainable approach.

P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc. also impacts the community in other ways. It works with the United Way by matching any donations employees make. In addition, the company supports various robotics teams in the area.

"If we can impact one person, it's a success," Wallbank says with a smile.

The company's accomplishments are a reflection of its relentless commitment to excellence. Select highlights include being a three-time winner of the GM Supplier of the Year Award, receiving the United Way Outstanding Community Service Award, and also the Port Huron Spirit of Economic Progress Award.

To contact P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc for hiring purposes, visit http://pjws.com/jobs/
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