Maki Chiropractic opens with new membership model

We've seen new models of health care popping up here and there as health care providers try to find better ways to work with their patients and make health care more accessible to everyone. The latest to try out a new model is Maki Chiropractic in Kingsford.
Chiropractor Brandon Maki announced he would move his clinic to a membership model this spring, rather than the usual pay-per-visit model. What that means is that an individual or family can pay one rate to cover up to five visits per week for a family--as might be recommended by your chiropractor.
Maki says in his announcement the new model is intended to increase availability and affordability of chiropractic visits for his patients. He says weekly chiropractic adjustments are something he practices with his own family, but there are many barriers for other families to achieve that level of care. The new model also does not rely on appointments; patients can stop by anytime during office hours.
"The membership practice style removes many of the barriers to regular chiropractic care by making it affordable and convenient," says Maki.
He adds that Maki Chiropractic is part of a network of hundreds of offices practicing this way across the country, so members who travel can also have chiropractic visits elsewhere, included in their care--kind of like the Anytime Fitness of chiropractic care.
Maki Chiropractic is located at 501 S. Carpenter Avenue in Kingsford.
Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Maki Chiropractic
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