Dia de los Tacos will once again bring Slow's BBQ to Marquette

Remember last year when the back lot of Blackrocks Brewery was jam-packed full of people enjoying the culinary fusion of Marquette's own Dia de los Tacos and Detroit-based Slow's BBQ?

If you do, then you probably also remember just how damn good those tacos were, not to mention the mouth-watering smell wafting from the whole pigs they smoked and served to the masses.

Thankfully, that incredible event is proving to not have been a one-and-done kind of a deal. Mike Walker, the chief taco maker, owner, operator, and janitor at Dia de los Tacos, has announced that he and his team will be once again combining their super powers with Slow's to the culinary delight of Marquette's foodies. Come August 12 at Blackrocks, the fusion will happen again.

"It's going to be the same crew, maybe more," Walker says. "We're going to have different meats to smoke this time."

Wait a minute. DIFFERENT MEATS? Oh, man. This is going to be epic.

If it's anything like last year (and it will be), you're going to want to keep an eye on the Dia de los Tacos' Facebook page to get the event info when the details are finalized -- and then you're going to want to go early to get a good spot in line, because it's going to be well-attended. And tasty. Very, very tasty.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
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