NMU works with tech company to develop new pathogen test

Micro Imaging Technology announced the latest news from its ongoing collaboration with Northern Michigan University--a new test method for pathogens. 

Researchers and students at NMU will look into a pathogen sample preparation method that could shorten testing time for bacteria culture tests to just a few hours. The tests currently used have a culture growth time of 16 to 24 hours; the new method would improve MIT's testing methods and develop a completely new service to offer clients in clinical health and food safety.

At NMU, the project is headed by Josh Sharp, assistant professor in the biology department. His lab is using the current testing system developed by Micro Imaging Technology to work on the method, which would capture staphylococcus aureus bacteria more directly from samples for testing.

"If Dr. Sharp's efforts are successful, and we are highly confident they will be, this will be a major game changer since this new method can easily be extended to other significant clinical and food safety pathogens," says Jeff Nunez, president of MIT. The MIT testing system also identifies listeria and salmonella bacteria.

Writer: Kim Eggleston
Source: Micro Imaging Technology, Inc.
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