Two Keweenaw companies expand in joint venture

Two Keweenaw companies have made an agreement to expand together. GS Infrastructure is the name of a new company, a joint venture between GS Engineering in Houghton and BridgeGuard, Inc. in Hancock.
The goal, according to Glen Simula, president and CEO of GS Engineering, and Dorothy Ruohonen, CEO of BridgeGuard, is to expand nationally with the products and evaluation services offered by BridgeGuard.
BridgeGuard currently provides bridge inspection technologies and equipment, and GS Engineering will lend their design and engineering expertise to the new GS Infrastructure, further developing technology like ground-penetrating radar. They also plan to reach other related markets, like roads, dams, railways and airports and develop new technologies for them.
"The collective strengths of the two businesses serve as a great opportunity to expand the service offerings," says Ruohonen. "GS Engineering's hi-level mechanical and electrical engineering services and their quality control and manufacturing processes combined with BridgeGuard's experience in NDT sensors creates unparalleled value to state and federal agencies. Our venture will have an immediate impact on the infrastructure market."
Writer: Kim Eggleston
Source: GS Infrastructure
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