Huron Mountain Club gives back to neighboring groups

What's happening: The Huron Mountain Club Fund is providing $63,454 in grants and awards to nonprofits in Marquette County and surrounding areas. Bay Cliff Health Camp, Powell Township Elementary School, Powell Township EMT, Powell Township Fire Department, Peter White Public Library (PWPL), Trillium House, Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve, Special Olympics (Area 36) and Kids Cove Playground (Playground for All) all received funds from the 2022.

Where is the money from: The money is generated from the Huron Mountain Club in Marquette County’s Powell Township, one of the most exclusive locations in all of the Midwest. Formed in 1890 to help protect land for conservation, the club hosts some of the largest primeval forests in the lower 48. The Huron Mountain Club used the Community Foundation of Marquette County as the fiduciary to make all of the donations.  

What they're saying: “Since it was established 24 years ago, the Huron Mountain Club Fund has given back more than $1.1 million in support of nonprofits in Powell Township and Marquette. The Huron Mountain Club has a strong connection to several organizations that serve Big Bay and Marquette, and every year, through their generous giving, they demonstrate their connection to community,” said Zosia Eppensteiner, Community Foundation CEO.

What's next: Each group will put forward the funding from the Huron Mountain Club to a variety of programs, ranging from community art to summer camp. The Peter White Public Library uses its annual grant to support the library’s community art programs and exhibits, while every year, Bay Cliff Health Camp uses its grant to fund its therapy camp for children with disabilities. 
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