Keweenaw tourism pairs with Leave No Trace

What's happening: Visit Keweenaw, the tourism authority for the U.P.’s northern most peninsula, is officially partnered with Leave No Trace to help protect its wilderness areas. The motivation came after a public listening session in Eagle Harbor by locals concerned about preserving outdoor beauty.

What is 'Leave No Trace': Leave No Trace (LNT) is an organization that brings a branded approach at educating tourists, campers and nature lovers to keep outdoor areas pristine. Programs range from camping guidelines, best practices for dealing with wildlife and etiquette for dealing with different use of trail networks. Keweenaw now becomes the third Michigan destination organization to adopt the LNT program, and the second in the U.P. after Marquette.

What they're saying: “Our goal is to help visitors better understand best practices to keep them safe while protecting and preserving the Keweenaw’s wilderness,” explained Brad Barnett, executive director of Visit Keweenaw. “It’s important, particularly for those visiting the Keweenaw for the first time, to understand and practice concepts like Leave No Trace and how to prepare for visiting remote areas that often lack cell services and other public amenities. Being prepared makes for a more enjoyable visit and reduces unnecessary stress to public services.”

What's next: After a review of the website, LNT will identify the best places for information distribution. Technical assistance and messaging will also help connect tourists and campers with LNT resources through the agency.
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