Plaidurday will be celebrated Oct. 2

The worldwide celebration of plaid, Plaidurday, is taking place next week, October 2, on the first Friday of October.
It may seem like the perfect holiday to celebrate in the U.P., and it's not a coincidence that it was started by U.P. native Justin "Bugsy" Sailor, when living in Lansing.
"The part-ginger, full-Yooper, plaid-wearing man was destined to create the greatest holiday that ever existed. Plaidurday: The Worldwide Celebration of Plaid," the Plaidurday website reads. "This day would bring together all the wonderful plaid-wearing people of the world. The inaugural celebration took place on October 7, 2011. And forevermore the first Friday of October will be dedicated to plaid."
Celebrations suggested on the Plaidurday website include, of course, wearing plaid, tagging your photos and tweets with the tag #Plaidurday, hugging people who are wearing plaid, donating old clothing to those in need, giving plaid-related gifts, encouraging those who are not wearing plaid to try wearing plaid, handing out homemade Plaidurday cards, host a Plaidurday get-together or bar outing, bring plaid-decorated goodies to work, and, of course, most of all, looking good and spreading happiness in plaid.
Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Plaidurday

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