Snyder names Iron Mountain man to Talent Investment Board

In place of Michigan's former Council for Labor and Economic Growth, Governor Rick Snyder has announced and created a new board called the Talent Investment Board, to focus on job creation and talent development and connections.

The new board has 47 members, in contrast to the council's previous 71 members, and is overseen by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

The governor is on the board, as are four legislators and five state department directors. The other members all were appointed to represent various business, jobs, education and program interests in Michigan.

They included one U.P. businessman, David Brule II of Iron Mountain. He's the president of Boss Snowplow Division of Northern Star Industries, Inc, the director of Industrial Development Corporation and of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. He will represent businesses in Michigan.

"One of the ways we will reinvent Michigan is to create an environment of job growth and talent development," Snyder says. "I am confident these individuals will use their diverse backgrounds and expertise to help meet these key goals."

The board will be chaired by Gordon White, Jr. of Lansing, of DHR International. Appointed as vice chair was Bing Goei of Grand Rapids, of Eastern Floral. Yet to be appointed is one member of the board to represent Native American businesses and programs.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Governor Rick Snyder, State of Michigan

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