Studded tires now legal for road use in the Upper Peninsula

Anyone who has slid through an intersection on a blistery winter Upper Peninsula day can tell you that regular snow tires just don't cut it sometimes. That's why it's a great relief that we here in the U.P. can use studded tires, which can make a huge difference in control and traction while driving in inclement winter weather.

Excerpt: As of October 1, it's legal for U.P. residents to have studded tires on their cars. The tires, which were illegal in the past because of the extra wear and tear they put on our roads, are known for their traction in snow and icy conditions. Frei Chevy Service Director Tim Nault says they can help your driving, especially on roads that may not be well plowed.

"They will get you places where, if you don't have all-wheel drive, they'll help you get there depending on the depth of the snow," says Nault.

For the rest of the story, and a video, go here.

Source: WLUC-TV6
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