Foundation releases $250K in grant funding for waterfront improvements

Saginaw Bay. Lake Huron. The river system and more.

Our public waterways and waterfronts are community assets and should be treated as such. That’s the message the Bay Area Community Foundation sends as it announces a new leadership effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars in available grant money.

This is Bay City, after all.

Through its new Community Impact Initiative, the foundation has made available $250,000 in grant money to non-profit organizations, government entities, and schools. The BACF will award grants to one or more projects that best leverage area water resources as assets in attracting and retaining residents and businesses alike.

"Waves lapping at the shore. The sound of a fishing line as it plops into the water. Summer days at the beach and strolling along the riverbank. These all evoke a sense of well-being and create a strong and enduring connection to place," says Bay Area Community Foundation President & CEO Diane Fong.

"Communities with a strong sense of place prosper. They attract workplace talent and business. We want to help harness the potential of these natural resources that Bay County is so lucky to have."

The BACF seeks groups with plans to develop clean and accessible beaches, waterfront recreational opportunities, improved waterfront visibility, and improved coordination of shoreline initiatives. Preference is given to plans that are sustainable and collaborative in nature while also leveraging additional resources.

Visit the Bay Area Community Foundation online to learn more about the grant application process. Organizations have until June 14 to apply.

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