A little bit of everything: Variety store celebrates downtown grand opening

There’s a new general store in downtown Bay City. And though it’s been open for a month already, Baysics Variety Store is ready to celebrate its launch with a grand opening party this Friday, April 19.

The all-day affair will feature complimentary punch, cake, cookies, and brownies, as well as drawings for gift certificates from neighboring downtown businesses.

It was a whirlwind build-out for the retail store, causing the company to wait to celebrate its opening until they "got the bugs out" of their system, says Baysics manager Margie Brown.

Baysics is akin to the big-name dollar stores that can be found in strip malls across the country except in downtown Bay City and independently-owned. The store offers a little bit of everything, from party supplies to office supplies, housewares to hardware.

Baysics carries drinks, food, and medicine, too.

Brown says that the store has been an instant hit with downtown residents.

"There was nowhere downtown to get snacks, pop, greeting cards--if you had a headache you had to leave town for relief," Brown says.

"The previous business here was a graphite countertop company and it didn’t bring a lot of foot traffic. We thought we could increase foot traffic downtown."

Rather than open one of many dollar store franchises, Baysics utilized Dollar Store Services, a Las Vegas company that provides initial inventory, displays, and training for a one-time fee. Now Baysics is established yet not beholden to any franchise rules.

"The best part is that we’re not limited to what the company tells us what we can and can’t stock," Brown says.

"We’re allowed to carry Bay City-branded souvenir items, for example. We have the freedom to carry whatever we want."

Baysics Variety Store is located at 926 Washington Ave. in downtown Bay City.

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