Photography studio quietly opens in Downtown Bay City amid a pandemic

She signed the lease in March.

It would turn out to be a heck of a time to sign a lease.

Even though Erin Poltorak opened her photography studio on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic, she hasn’t let it ruin her plans for Erin Jane Studios.

Erin Poltorak opened a photo studio in Downtown Bay City just before the COVID-19 crisis closed businesses. She has used the downtime to learn new skills.Poltorak has used the downtime to learn new skills that could prove critical to running a successful photography and branding business, coronavirus or not.

"It’s given me the opportunity to focus on educating myself as an entrepreneur. I’ve taken some online training, learned more about Facebook ads and interactions. I’ve taught myself new photography skills," Poltorak says.

"I can hit the ground running when things do re-open."

Poltorak signed a lease for Suite 211 at 920 N. Water St. in Downtown Bay City in mid-March of this year.

Prior to finding her own space, Poltorak ran her business out of the City Office co-working space. It was that experience working downtown that cemented her desire to start her photography studio in Downtown Bay City.

"I love a lot of the old buildings here, the atmosphere. You can walk out of the studio and find great locations to shoot. You can walk out and find food," Poltorak says.

"I was working out of City Office for a year and got used to walking around and being around other entrepreneurs."

Poltorak specializes in working with entrepreneurs to develop and promote their personal brands through photography. She also specializes in boutique family photography.

More than a studio, Poltorak plans to use her space on Water Street to help and mentor young photographers on their own quests to become entrepreneurs. She especially likes working with mothers, women entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

"I like to give people access to resources that they might not usually have," Poltorak says.

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