Kitchen design firm opens studio in Downtown Bay City

Heather Keit had just arrived in Mount Pleasant and was decorating her dorm room on the campus of Central Michigan University.

Heather Keit recently opened an interior design business focused on kitchens.In getting to know her new roommate, the subject of majors was broached. Keit wasn’t sure but figured she’d end up in the teaching program. Noticing her penchant for decorating, Keit’s roommate suggested the interior design program, a major Keit didn’t even know existed.

Some 20 years later and Keit has opened her own interior design studio in Downtown Bay City.

After years of working for other firms, in other cities and other states, Keit has struck out on her own, officially launching Heather Nicole Kitchens on June 1.

The company sells kitchen cabinets, countertops, and hardware, and also offers kitchen design services.

"I’ve been in Bay City for around three years. I realized downtown is up-and-coming. And if I want to get foot traffic, downtown is the place to start," Keit says.

"I’ve really fallen in love with the charm of being downtown."

Heather Nicole Kitchens shares a space with the interior design firm Form & Function. While the two like-minded businesses will collaborate on certain projects, these are two distinct firms.

The two businesses share a 1,000-square-foot studio with an office for bookkeeping.

Keit has kitchen cabinet displays on order, which will give the space a showroom aspect. And while she’ll remain open by appointment-only, Keit says that passers-by are welcome to poke their heads in the door, should they see her at work.

While COVID-19 has slowed her opening, Keit has been using the time to expand her web presence. And while it may seem counter-intuitive at first, the coronavirus-related shutdowns have actually helped her business some, as people forced to stay home have been spending more time thinking about home improvement projects.

"I really believe in supporting small businesses. I come from a family of entrepreneurs from around Gaylord," Keit says.

"Being in Bay City, I love that people know each other and support small businesses. And being downtown, the support here has been amazing."

Heather Nicole Kitchens is located at 800 Washington Ave., Suite 101, in Downtown Bay City.

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