Live Oak Coffeehouse to open in Bay City's Uptown development this Saturday

On the verge of its second birthday, Midland’s Live Oak Coffeehouse has something else to celebrate first: The opening of its second location here in Bay City.

Though they’ll wait to celebrate with a grand opening party until they settle into their new digs, Live Oak will officially open its doors this Thursday, Jan. 11 in Bay City. A soft opening is planned for Thursday from 10am to 2pm, Friday from 3pm to 7pm, with regular hours beginning this Saturday.

Located in the Uptown mixed-use development, the new Live Oak will be an extension of the original location. Everything that’s drawn people to the popular Midland store will be present in Bay City. Their signature coffee and food items, yes, but even some of the Midland baristas will be pulling shifts in Bay City, eager to check out the new store.

Live Oak’s owner Renee Deckrow is excited to share the goodwill she started in Midland and bring it to Bay City.

"A second location has always been a goal. It’s like, if you have one child, that’s pretty great. But when you have something so awesome, you want more. It becomes exponential. It magnifies," Deckrow says.

"The other thing is that we collectively want it. This wouldn’t have happened if the team didn’t want it."

Deckrow focuses as much on community as she does coffee. The name Live Oak comes from a type of oak tree with branches that reach to the ground. "You don’t have to climb in. It comes to you," she says.

The Midland location hosts all sorts of events, from trivia nights to American Sign Language classes. Deckrow wants to create a place that includes everyone. She says that the Bay City location will be no different.

"That’s the great thing about a coffee house," Deckrow says.

"You can do all these things while sitting with someone over coffee. It’s a simple but approachable and powerful thing to do."

Live Oak Coffeehouse is located at 5 E. Main St. in Bay City.

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