Craft cocktail bar endures pandemic with expanded outdoor seating and cocktails to-go

Lyndsay Edmonds believes in the third place theory, the idea that people have three main places in their lives: Home, work, and a favorite place to gather, be it a café, bar, restaurant, or otherwise.

It’s a concept that’s hit especially hard during these days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though Edmonds’ craft cocktail bar The Public House has opened its doors and patio to customers once again, Edmonds is also offering customers the chance to take their favorite drinks home with them. It’s a little bit of their "third place" coming home.

"You can enjoy the same great cocktails from the comfort of your home. Plus you can buy a six-pack of our ice cubes, too," Edmonds says, referencing the Michigan Clear Ice artisanal ice cubes designed specifically for craft cocktails.

There are currently nine craft cocktails available. Orders can be made online or in-person.

The cocktails-to-go include the Norden Gimlet, Open Forum, Tasteful Nudes, Public Mule, Tommy’s Margarita, Public House Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Gin-Soaked Girl, and Negroni.

Cocktails come in 375-ml bottles and serve three to five people, each. They can also be refrigerated for up to seven days.

Edmonds credits local government and organizations like Bay Future, Inc. in helping to re-open The Public House, be it from opportunities for street closures and expanded outdoor seating from the former to grant opportunities from the latter.

"Adding the outdoor seating has been a response to COVID and it’s been huge for us," Edmonds says.

"The Public House is about even more than cocktails. It’s about creating beautiful public spaces that people want to be in."

Now that gathering in public spaces has been limited, Edmonds’s customers can take a little bit of The Public House with them.

The Public House is located at 811 Adams St. in Downtown Bay City.

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