Award-winning musical duo to perform in Downtown Bay City on Feb. 24

If you enjoyed the music documentary "After So Many Days," during the 2019 Hell's Half Mile Film Festival in Bay City, then now is your chance to see the duo perform in person in Bay City.

On Mon., Feb. 24 at 8 p.m., Harless + Hugh Coffee, 103 Washington Ave., will host Jim and Sam for a special live performance.


Jim Haft and Samantha Yonack, based in Los Angeles, are husband and wife, singer and songwriter, plus filmmakers.

Originally from Philadelphia and Dallas, they met at a mutual friend’s comedy show. Within a week, they were making music together. In 2015, the duo made their debut with the release of their EP “This is What’s Left” produced by Lasse Marten. Their sophomore release, “Yeah Whatever Young Forever,” was released in 2019 and was produced by Dan Molad through Nettwerk Records.


A decade after meeting, the two did not feel they were becoming the success they hoped to be, and not moving forward in life. Taking things to the next level, they spontaneously decided to start their “Anywhere Everywhere” tour which included 365 tour dates — one show per day for an entire year. The one-year tour began in 2016 and included 14 different countries.


The two then crossed over into documentary filmmaking with “After So Many Days,” a film chronicling their 365-day tour of life on the road and chasing a dream together. It is currently being screened world-wide at various film festivals.


The film was featured during the 2019 Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival in Bay City and won the Audience Award.


Tickets are $10 each and available here. Space is limited.


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