Clothing and jewelry go hand-in-hand at a new Downtown Bay City boutique

Monica Federico and her daughter, Lindsey, were looking for an opportunity to own their own business. The Saginaw duo saw the opportunity at 906 N. Water St. and opened the doors to ellie & isabelle in October.

The boutique carries Pandora, a line of Italian jewelry called Brosway, and Finchberry soaps. Inside the shop, you’ll also locally-made candles and bath bombs. Finally, they carry men’s and women’s clothing.

The ellie & isabelle boutique, which carries jewelry as well as men's and women's clothing, is located on Water Street in Downtown Bay City.Monica and Lindsey, who are from Saginaw, say Pandora was the perfect choice for them. Lindsey, who for the past eight years has worked in management with Pandora shops, knows the product by heart. She got her start working with her aunt – Cindy Schreader, Monica’s sister, who made her career working for Pandora.

Pandora is known as “affordable luxury” jewelry and Brosway has a similar draw, says Schreader, who also helps in the shop. Pandora is recognized for customizable bracelets, designer earrings, and necklaces. Schreader explains Brosway is a newer company that also offers affordable jewelry made of stainless steel and Swarovski crystals.

While Schreader and Lindsey have long histories in the business of selling jewelry, Monica is more familiar with the purchasing component of running a business. She still works with the CMU College of Medicine as a purchasing manager. She’s also no stranger to Pandora. “Having it in the family for how many years, I’ve gotten to know a lot about Pandora,” she says.

The family knew they wanted more than jewelry to stock the store’s shelves. Once they got the Pandora brand secured, they started looking for clothing lines.

“We would find clothing and if we liked the quality, there are certain companies that we really liked what they have done, so we’d go in deeper with them. So, we’ve tested the waters with a lot of different brands,” says Schraeder.

The clothing lines include jeans, outerwear, sweaters, dresses, and skirts, along with men’s clothing and accessories.

Pandora Jewelry hasn't been available in Downtown Bay City for about three years. That changed when ellie & isabelle opened.“A goal of our is to be able to offer things and bring a boutique into Bay City where anyone can shop, that can appeal to all ages and all price ranges,” she says. The boutique also carries sizes from small to two-extra-large.

“I think clothing and jewelry go well together, they just go hand in hand,” says Schreader.

None of the three women running the store is named Ellie or Isabelle, so where did the name come from?

“We went back and forth with a lot of different names, and then said, ‘What about our dog’s name?’” says Monica. So the name came from not just her chocolate lab Ellie, but Cindy’s white Persian cat named Isabelle. “It sounded cute, and people liked it.”

Ellie & isabelle has most of its products listed in an online store at, and posts updates on Facebook at

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