Happy Glampin’ Slumber Party puts a new spin on old-fashioned sleepovers

For years, Morgan Jackson and Sarah Bridgewater each have run businesses designed to help people celebrate special times in their lives. Bridgewater owns Party Pals Balloonery, 50 Salzburg Road in Bay City, and Jackson owns Mid-Michigan Sign Gypsies. (Read the Oct. 28, 2021 article about Mid-Michigan Sign Gypsies.)

Now, Morgan and Jackson are teaming up to put a new spin on an age-old kid’s activity, the classic slumber party.
Happy Glampin’ offers options for kids as well as options for romantic couples sleepovers or fun mom getaways.Earlier this year, the pair opened the Happy Glampin’ Slumber Party Company, a collaboration that takes slumber parties to a new level.

Glampin’ is short for “glamorous camping.” In it, people set up elaborate camping spots decked out with every amenity imaginable. Jackson and Bridgewater modified the concept to bring teepee tents and themed décor to sleepovers.

The business sets up more than places to sleep. For example, beauty bars are a popular option.While the two women have long referred clients to each other, this partnership was a new venture.

“We’re always recommending each other and telling people about each other, then one day back in February, I put a post on Facebook about opening a slumber party business, and she messaged me right away and said ‘I was thinking about doing the same thing – why don’t we be partners and do it together?’ ” remembers Jackson.

With that, they combined forces, bought some tents, trays, decorative pillows, and unique party favors, and “We’re way busier than we thought we’d be.”

Jackson says the premise is that kids can have themed slumber parties – including all kinds of decorations and activities. Happy Glampin’ supplies in teepee-style tents and “We bring decorative pillows, breakfast table trays, lanterns or battery-operated candles,” she says.

Bridgewater’s daughter, Isabelle, helps design the set-ups to fit each theme. And she can adapt the parties for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Not only does the business give kids a different spin on an old-fashioned slumber party, but the  business also takes the burden of planning off Mom and Dad’s shoulders.

The company provides a range of experiences fitting different themes, including one designed for the kids to stay up all night.“We come in and set it all up. Sometimes the parents keep it as a surprise for the kids, but sometimes the kids help us organize. We bring it and set it up, and the next day we pick it all up. All the parents have to do is move the couches out of the way,” Jackson says.

The parties are popular with girls and boys. Popular themes include Disney, Harry Potter, Mermaids, and gamers. They also offer what they call “sleep-up” parties, where kids can stay up and watch movies. “We have the kids names printed on the big plastic popcorn boxes.” 

Popular themes include gamers, mermaids, and Disney.Whatever the theme, Jackson and Bridgewater find ways to accommodate. They’ve had requests for spa parties where they bring in foot baths, nail polish bars, facials, and light-up mirrors. For outdoor sleepovers, they’ve decorated large tents with star stencils to create an astronomy theme.

Sleepovers aren’t just for the kids, Jackson adds.

Happy Glampin’ also has ideas for romantic couples sleepovers or fun mom getaways. In the last six months, they’ve seen the business thrive because people want something different.

“We’ve had great reviews,” Jackson says. “People are having a lot of fun.”

To learn more about Happy Glampin’ Slumber Parties or to contact them, visit the business Facebook page.