Live music and science work together to create a special show at the Delta Planetarium

Live music and stunning views light up the night sky inside the Delta College Planetarium during January. You're invited to visit the Planetarium on Jan. 31 for a special event, “Music Under the Stars."

During the Jan. 31 show, space-scapes and surrealistic environments dance across the Planetarium screen while musicians from the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra perform.

During the show, a group of musicians from the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra will perform live music choreographed to unique visual effects inside the Planetarium’s Dome360 Theater.                                                                                                                      
The show is part of the Planetarium's ongoing effort to mix music and art.“This is part of our effort to offer more programs that mix music, art, and immersive space,” said Mike Murray, astronomer and manager of the Delta College Planetarium.

Musical selections planned for the show include “Postludes” by Elliot Cole, “Akadinda Trio” by Emmanuel Sejourne, and “Rain Tree” by Toru Takemistsu. The instruments you’ll hear during the performance include vibraphones, marimbas, and percussion. On the screen, Murray promises you’ll see space-scapes and surrealistic environments.

The show is at 6:30 and 8 p.m. Fri., Jan. 31 at the Delta College Planetarium, 100 Center Ave. Tickets are $15 and must be purchased in advance. Tickets are free to children 10 and under. For tickets, visit the Delta College Planetarium website.


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