Ten must-follow social media accounts for Bay County

Follow the right accounts and social media makes your life better. Here are a few of our favorites for showing us beautiful photos, teaching us a little history, keeping us up to date on fun events, and more.

We know these are not the only must-follow accounts. If you have a recommendation for who Route Bay City should follow, send a note to editor@routebaycity.com.

Instagrammer Bay City MI Love featured artist Jason Graham's work from his Walker series (previously featured in Art Prize) in Downtown Bay City. This view after the rain gives them a new perspective. (Photo courtesy of Bay City MI Love)1. BAYCITYMILOVE may only have 2,715 followers on Instagram, but expect that to grow. This is a go-to source for beautiful photos and videos from throughout the area. Here, you’ll find beautiful images of everything from nightlife to nature. As the name implies, the people who run this site love our community.

2.The Bay City Department of Public Works has a surprisingly vibrant personality. On this Facebook page, you’ll find information you’d expect - such as road construction maps. But you’ll also find insight into life here. For example, did you know Bay City has its own Rugby Football Club? If you follow this account, you know all about the Tri-City Barbarians RFC. The page is also interactive. If you ask a question in the comments, you’ll get an answer. (If you like the DPW page, then check out the Facebook personalities of the Bay City Government and Bay City Department of Public Safety.)The Bay City Department of Public Works Facebook page keeps followers up to date on everything from the tree-trimming schedule and road closures to short features on city employees. (Photo courtesy of the Bay City Department of Public Works)

3. Whether or not you’re in the job market, the Bay County Employment Opportunities Facebook group provides unique insight into out community. Here, you’ll learn what businesses are expanding and which industries are moving here. If you find yourself thinking, “What’s going into that new building on Euclid Avenue?” this page might give you the answer. Both employers and job seekers use this site. The highlighted jobs range from service workers to professionals. A similar site that encourages individuals to post is Bay City Positivity. The Positivity site doesn't allow job postings, but highlights events, personal recommendations, and more.

4. City Office is a co-working space filled with entrepreneurs, so you’d expect them to be serious about work, right? Wrong. This page posts trivia, jokes, surveys, and short profiles about local entrepreneurs. Sometimes, there even are photos of dogs. We’re sure they get work done, but it looks like they have a lot of fun doing it.

To learn more about the non-motorized pathways in the area, you need to follow Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail. (Photo courtesy of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail.)5. You’d expect the Bay County Library System social media to be informative and accurate. And it is. But it’s also lighthearted and inspirational. At the library, you can get help writing your memoirs or a paper for school, attend a lecture on the craft beer industry, and check out the latest best-selling novel. The library’s social media presence is just as diverse as its in-person offerings.

Turn to the City Office Facebook page for your daily dose of trivia, jokes, inspiration, and the occasional dog photo. (Photo courtesy of City Office) ​​​​​​​6. Go Great Lakes Bay is the obvious source for beautiful photos and information about events in the area. It features photos submitted by followers as well as details about local businesses and events. If you have a question about something, just ask in the comments. The moderators keep an eye on this site and answer inquiries.

7. If you want to get healthy, then biking could be the ticket. If you enjoy the outdoors, then hiking is a natural. If you just want something to do on a sunny winter Saturday, then try cross-country skiing. To learn more about the non-motorized paths that criss-cross our area, you need to follow Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail. Through Facebook posts, you’ll find amazing photos, information about expansions to trails, weather updates, and plenty of group events.
The Memories of Bay City Facebook page is a trip through nostalgia for anyone with ties to the area. (Photo courtesy of Memories of Bay City)
8. You didn’t have to grow up in Bay City to appreciate the Facebook group Memories of Bay City. This private group with more than 24,000 members, features an eclectic mix of local history, family memories, and vintage photos. You will have to be approved for membership before you can see the posts, but it’s worthwhile.

9. The NAACP of Bay City posts links on Facebook to thought-provoking articles you may have missed. Here, you’ll find information about new laws, current social justice issues, and the history of civil rights for all.

10. If you’re not already following the Hey, Bay City! Podcast, then you are in for a treat. Phil Eich, who owns Full Steam Social Media, interviews Bay City people from all walks of life. Through the podcasts, you’ll meet people with passion for Bay City. He interviews business owners, artists, volunteers, and more. He proves that everyone has an interesting story to tell.