New wellness spa opens in Downtown Bay City

When Kaitlyn MacGregor opened Ocean Jasper Wellness at 806 Saginaw St., she realized a dream she’s had for at least a decade.A whimsical daydream turned beautiful reality is Ocean Jasper Wellness – Bay City’s newest relaxation oasis.

Kaitlyn MacGregor is a Linwood native and a new small business owner. You’ve maybe heard of her business or glanced at the chic looking new space at 806 Saginaw St.

Ocean Jasper Wellness is a spa and wellness center that focuses on providing quality care of all kinds. You can find facials, therapeutic massage, reiki healing, henna tattoos, eyebrow shaping, manicures, pedicures and so much more.

“Ocean Jasper is a place where you will feel as though you are far away in an oasis and you can let go of any stresses or worries and strictly focus on your well-being by getting pampered,” says MacGregor.

It becomes easy to focus on your well-being in such a beautiful, warm and well-curated space. MacGregor pulled inspiration from 1970s décor – laidback bohemian patterns, warm tones and colors, wood accents, and unique macramé plant hangers.

Ocean Jasper offers events such as guided meditation, singing bowl meditation, cacao ceremonies and more.

“We do plan on having pop ups involving sugaring and spray tanning and also offer yoga workshops and nutrition classes in the future,” MacGregor adds.

Kaitlyn MacGregorDown the line, Ocean Jasper would like to expand and offer even more services such as nutrition classes, dance classes, forms of art therapy and a community garden.

“We have many dreams for our future and cannot wait to see how Ocean Jasper unfolds!” MacGregor says.

MacGregor’s background is in Art Therapy, Cosmetology, and Esthiology. She’s passionate about supporting local Downtown Bay City businesses and is excited and proud to be one now.

“I have incorporated a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces in Ocean Jasper that are made by my family and friends. It seems like that is the general vibe of the downtown area. Love it.”

MacGregor dreamed up the idea for a wellness center over 10 year ago, and recently found an old journal of hers where she wrote a more detailed plan of her ideas.

“I am a strong believer that if something scares you to the point where you are trying to find any excuse to back out, that means you should definitely do it,” says MacGregor.