Voices of Youth: Teens explain what's hot now and predict the next big thing

From the precise definition of slang words to the etiquette regarding the use of emojis, pop culture trends are always evolving and can be confusing. To add to the confusion, many times one generation has no idea what’s hot in another generation. 

The fun part of the constant change is trends often make comebacks. Today’s silly fad may fade, but come back in later years. 

Teens across Bay City certainly have their own opinions on what they’re hoping to see rise in the future, as well as what we’re saying goodbye to in 2022.

Mackenzi Chappel hopes to see the fashion and music of the 1980s and 1990s return. (Photo credit: Mackenzi Chappel)Mackenzi Chappel is a busy Bay City Central High School senior with a lot on her plate. Between dance lessons, playing second chair clarinet in the school band, and working at a local chiropractic office, Mackenzi tries her best to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends.

“A trend I see rising amongst social media is high rise flare and mom jeans. We’ve moved on from low rise jeans and leggings, and more people are wearing jeans every day,” she says. 

Mackenzi has noticed changes in the locks of her peers as well.

“A trend I see coming back is bigger hair,” Mackenzi says. “People are bringing back blowouts and fluffier hairstyles instead of pin straight hair.” 

During the 2000’s, there was a rise of straightening, but it seems to have leveled out with the iconic Cher Horowitz-like blowouts today.

On the music side of things, Mackenzi prefers the tunes her mom jammed out to on the car rides home from dance classes to today’s top hits.

“A trend I would like to see rise even more is old music. I love music from the present but music from the 80’s and 90’s should definitely make a comeback,” she says.

Ellie Sowinski believes TikTok will only grow in popularity in the next few years.(Photo Credit: Ellie Sowinski)Ellie Sowinski is on just about all of the social media platforms there are, similar to most teens.

“I see TikTok rising even more now than it has in the past few years and I still see it growing more in the future,” she says. 

She hopes to see some of the older trends on the app return, similar to the ones back in 2020 when the app was first becoming popular.

Ellie is a cheerleader for Bay City Central, so when she’s not in the uniform she wears with pride, she finds herself studying the fashion trends she sees returning around her.

“An old trend that is making a comeback is 80’s and 90’s clothing,” Ellie says. 

Alex Bourdlaies is a skater girl and Western High School stuent who favors streetwear and comfy clothing. She loves to show off her personal style and make current trends her own. Her primary goal with her wardrobe is to be comfy, and look stylish at the same time.

“The oversized trend is something I'd like to see rise even more. From oversized shirts to oversized pants, I love the comfy, but not too comfy, look,” the teen says. 

Alex Bourdlaies skating around town (Photo Credit: Alex Bourdlaies)Alex also has a very girly side, and admires older fashions as well.

“An old trend that I see making a comeback is the puff sleeve trend. Puff sleeves can be seen on blouses, sweatshirts and oversized dresses.” 

Alex has a unique style and wears just about everything!

Trends aren’t necessarily always timeless, but even today’s teens look to the past for inspiration. Whether it's a quick fad, or an everlasting iconic look, things become popular for a reason, and leave our generation’s mark. The real question is: Do you choose to follow trends or create them?

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