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Labony Mookerjee

Dr. Mookerjee is a board-certified family medicine physician who addresses many different family health needs. She is experienced at caring for patients through all stages of life. Services include annual exams, weight loss and nutrition counseling, immunization, physicals, and treatment of illnesses and minor injuries.

Job Title: Family Medical Physician
Company: McLaren Greater Lansing
College: University of Calcutta, Human Medicine, Kolkata, West Bengal , India

Melissa Yemc

My new job will be in the central processing unit organizing, separating and ordering tests for the blood samples in the hospital.

Job Title: Central Processing Unit
Company: Sparrow
College: Lansing Community College, Pre-Nursing, Lansing, Michigan

Casleah Herwaldt

Provide therapy to elderly people to help them be as independent as possible with the goal of returning to prior level of living before admission to hospital.

On Twitter: @casleah

Job Title: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Company: Burcham Hills
College: Grand Rapids Community College, Ocupational Therapy Assistant, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Carly Knauf

I volunteer/intern for the Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center as a therapeutic ridding instructor where I assist children with disabilities in riding horses using the techniques of natural horsemanship. The purpose of the program is to create an experience that is unique and enjoyable to the rider while also creating an atmosphere that will improve muscle tone, balance, develop confidence and a sense of responsibility within the rider. Each rider's needs and abilities are assessed before riding, then a lesson plan is established and tailored to the student. Lessons are always being updated as the rider progresses. I have experienced first-hand the benefits and rewards this program brings and I feel fortunate to be affiliated with this program.

Job Title: Therapeutic Riding Instructor Intern
Company: Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center
College: Grand Valley State University/Michigan State University, Bachelor's: Phsychology/Master's: Rehabilitation Counseling, Grand Rapids/East Lansing, Michigan

Leah Godzina

In this role, my primary responsibilities include overseeing the Association's publications and communications. We're a membership-based organization, so it's important that we develop effective communications targeted to both members and nonmembers. I'm also responsible for performing Web site updates; completing various graphic design projects; maintaining our blog for student pharmacist members; photography and videography projects; and proofreading various office materials.
Right out of college, I landed a job in a different area of Michigan that involved a lot of travel. After that fell through due to cutbacks at the company, I found my current job on craigslist. I started as the Communications Assistant, and was promoted after two and half years. Every day is different, and that's what I love most about my job - the variety. We have a small staff, but everyone works together as a group to accomplish so much!

Job Title: Director of Communications
Company: Michigan Pharmacists Association
College: Michigan State University, School of Journalism, East Lansing, MI

Craig Rush

I am currently managing a team of Information Technology professionals who provide high level customer service and support to the local health system on a 24x7 basis, including several physician offices. I have spent a great number of years in various positions, all in Michigan, as I cannot imagine living anywhere else. The opportunity to return to health care at the hospital (where I was born by the way) to manage an IT team and improve a growing health care system was an offer I could not refuse. It is a great feeling of both pride and accomplishment to know the service and system support I am implementing and managing make a huge difference for my friends and family in the community during their time of need for health care services. My wife is employed as a Registered Nurse (RN), so I tend to understand the frustrations of what happens in the world of patient care better than my counterparts in IT, especially with the growing use of technology in providing health care.  When not working, I volunteer in several areas of my church and enjoy spending time with my wife and two teenage sons. Professionally, I am currently taking courses to complete my Masters in Business Administration and looking to graduate in early 2012.  I am also pursuing further education in Project Management and have recently obtained my CompTIA Project+ certification. I was taught early by my parents and have become a strong believer in education and certification being the difference maker in being employed versus unemployed.  Professionals can never stop learning something new!   

Follow me on Twitter @24Rush

Job Title: IT Supervisor
Company: Pennock Hospital
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Allendale, MI

Jennifer Zumbrink

Food First by Jennifer is a company that specializes in educating people on how to optimize energy and prevent disease. It is designed to teach people the healing properties of food and empower them to make simple changes to improve their health and lives.

After graduating from Michigan State University, I had a continuum of health issues that compromised my quality of life. It wasn’t until I took a natural approach that my health dramatically improved. I speak to companies, associations and do one-on-one consultations with individuals educating them on the “food first” philosophy.

Job Title: Founder/Owner
Company: Food First by Jennifer
College: Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Allison Drake

MPA represents all pharmacists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Michigan. At MPA, I’m responsible for anything and everything membership. This includes membership recruitment, retention and maintenance activities and all membership services. Both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are a diverse group of people, so I’m responsible for creating new and unique ways to reach out to both current and potential members.

I’m also responsible for the public relations efforts of the association. Just in September, we launched a “That’s My Pharmacist” campaign and held a very successful Medication Disposal Event in conjunction with MPA’s Pharmacy Day @ the Capitol.

I love my job because MPA staff members are completely supportive of one another, and I’m constantly encouraged to try new things and think outside of the box. We do some really neat things at MPA and every day is different. I always knew I wanted to work for an organization that represents or advocates on behalf of one entity or group of people and I’ve found that in MPA. I landed my job by replying to a blind posting on Craigslist of all places. Some things are just meant to be!

I #LoveLansing because it’s filled with young professionals and there’s always something going on. I love the festivals in Old Town and the events downtown like Silver Bells in the City. I enjoy visiting friends who have moved to Chicago, but I’m always happy to get back to Lansing when the weekend’s over.

Follow me on Twitter @allisondrake

Job Title: Member Services Manager
Company: Michigan Pharmacists Association
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Specialization in Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Brenda Rogers

As an EcoTrek Series Leader, I will be teaching group exercise in an outdoor setting, utilizing our local parks and trails system.  My passion for exercise started in high school and has stayed with me over the years.  I wanted to share my passion, the benefits, and the enjoyment of exercise with others, so I became an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer in 2001.  Along with leading the EcoTrek Fitness Lansing Series, I teach Power Sculpting Boot Camp classes too.
The EcoTrek Fitness sessions are a great way to combine exercise with the outdoors.  When someone asks me about inclement weather, I say, "It didn't bother you when you were a kid, did it?" and they mostly respond, "No, you've got a point!"  The sessions are for all fitness levels, and modifications for exercises will be provided if needed.  If I can help one person, I've succeeded!

I love being outdoors, and showing others how to enjoy exercise outdoors is something I'm looking forward to.  Exercising regularly, eating nutritiously, and maintaining good sleep habits all have a positive impact on how we feel.  I want to share this with others and help them to see the benefits too!

Job Title: EcoTrek Series Leader
Company: EcoTrek Fitness
College: Davenport University, Bachelors in Business Administration, Lansing, MI

Darice Darling

As the new director of marketing communications I will lead the external and internal communication efforts for Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital. This includes public and media relations, employee communications, advertising and marketing, as well as strategic planning, brand management and crisis communication. I have joined the hospital's team at a very exciting time. One of the first projects I get to be involved with is AL!VE, a health park being built in Charlotte. It will be a place to improve health, vitality and well-being, as well as a center for community collaboration. As the health park gets closer to opening in October, the website,, will include more details about this unique destination and how individuals can benefit and be involved.
The hospital is truly a community partnership, where employees, supporters and residents work together to make the facility and the area a success. I look forward to sharing HGB's stories of generosity and teamwork with all its audiences.

Job Title: Director of Marketing Communications
Company: Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital
College: Michigan State University, Bachelors Degree, Journalism, East Lansing, MI

Jessica Yorko

As Ingham County’s first Environmental Justice Coordinator, I am developing partnerships, funding and strategies to create equitable opportunity access to environmental benefits and protections in Ingham County across different races, classes, income groups or other forms of difference.

Health is not just about health care and healthy behavior. Our environments impact our health. The National Association of County and City Health Officials defines Environmental Justice as the right to a safe, healthy, productive, and sustainable environment, where "environment" is considered in its totality to include the ecological, physical, social, political, aesthetic, and economic environment. Environmental Justice addresses the disproportionate environmental risks borne by low-income communities and communities of color resulting from poor housing stock, poor nutrition, lack of access to healthcare, unemployment, underemployment, and employment in the most hazardous jobs.

I have worked in the environmental field for the past decade, as an employee in state government and a consultant to non-profit organizations. As a consultant, I helped clients build capacity and coordinate environmental programs, policies, and system changes. For the past five years, I have also been involved in a neighborhood business district revitalization project. In working to attract investment to a district bordered by neighborhoods where residents are mostly non-white, I learned about institutional racism, historic preservation, community building and neighborhood empowerment.

Taking on Environmental Justice at the county-level allows me to tap into and combine all of my past work experience and passions and build on them. The leadership at Ingham County Health Department understands and cares about social determinants of health, and is committed to “going upstream” an examining the polices, systems and environments that lead to worse health outcomes for people of color and lower incomes. We are working to change the root causes of health disparities. I love the fact that I can work in a large organization and remain connected to community groups and residents. I enjoy working at the grassroots level, finding out what is important to people and helping create more collaborative and healthy communities.

Follow me on Twitter @jessicayorko

Job Title: Environmental Justice Coordinator
Company: Ingham County Health Department
College: Kalamazoo College, Economics and Environmental Studies, Kalamazoo, MI

Ahmed El-Sanhouri

I recently joined Mid-Michigan's largest eye care center, Lansing Ophthalmology, where I specialize in retinal diseases and surgery.

I am a Michigan native and will be based at Lansing Ophthalmology's East Lansing – Coolidge Road office.  I will also have office hours in Mt. Pleasant at the offices of Central Eye Consultants as part of Lansing Ophthalmology's Retina Service in that community.

Job Title: Retina Specialist
Company: Lansing Ophthalmology
College: Wayne State University, Medical Degree, Detroit, MI

Lonias Gilmore

I serve as the training and social marketing coordinator for Michigan's Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program. My objectives are to develop, implement and monitor the annual training plan for the Program and oversee its system for disseminating program information to state and local partners. The most exciting aspect of joining this team, and the reason that this position was attractive to me in the first place, is that the ultimate goal is to ensure that Michigan is a recognized leader and expert in the field of Obesity Prevention. I am passionate about improving the health of the public. My desire to help promote health equity is the reason I began work on my graduate degree in Public Health, and my research interest has been focused on this subject for the past four years. This position offers me the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of policy change and to help create environments in which people can lead healthier lives.
I learned about this position when a friend of mine recommended that I expand my job search to Michigan, and I ventured to the Michigan Civil Service Commission website. I would like to offer a tip to people interested in employment with the State of Michigan, and it is a simple one. The Michigan Civil Service Commission website offers potential applicants the opportunity to complete "Job Interest Cards". A "Job Interest Card" profile lets you choose job categories for which you receive email notifications. MDCH, in particular, recommends this program to those interested.

Job Title: Public Health Consultant - Training Coordinator
Company: Michigan Department of Community Health
College: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Master of Public Health, Tulsa, OK

Tessa Albright

I am currently a student intern at MOA. I have had the opportunity to be exposed to the key components of the association including membership, member benefits, the member newsletter, the association?s website, as well as following legislative developments that impact our osteopathic physician members. I have had a chance to participate in planning and preparing for the annual membership convention. I also assist the staff in carrying out assorted tasks including organizing group mailings and assisting with proofreading association materials.

Job Title: Student Intern
Company: Michigan Osteopathic Association
College: Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business, Marketing, East Lansing, MI

Andrea Messinger

I advance the Michigan Osteopathic Association and its members through integrated communication, marketing and public relations strategies, member relations, media relations, publications, social media, web content management and special projects. I also manage the association’s magazine and act as the liaison to MOA’s editorial committee and the Ingham Osteopathic Association.
Follow Me on Twitter @The_Messinger

Job Title: Communications Specialist
Company: Michigan Osteopathic Association
College: Central Michigan University, Integrative Public Relations & Communications, Mt. Pleasant, MI

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