Jobs Landed: Lonias Gilmore

I serve as the training and social marketing coordinator for Michigan's Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program. My objectives are to develop, implement and monitor the annual training plan for the Program and oversee its system for disseminating program information to state and local partners. The most exciting aspect of joining this team, and the reason that this position was attractive to me in the first place, is that the ultimate goal is to ensure that Michigan is a recognized leader and expert in the field of Obesity Prevention. I am passionate about improving the health of the public. My desire to help promote health equity is the reason I began work on my graduate degree in Public Health, and my research interest has been focused on this subject for the past four years. This position offers me the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of policy change and to help create environments in which people can lead healthier lives.
I learned about this position when a friend of mine recommended that I expand my job search to Michigan, and I ventured to the Michigan Civil Service Commission website. I would like to offer a tip to people interested in employment with the State of Michigan, and it is a simple one. The Michigan Civil Service Commission website offers potential applicants the opportunity to complete "Job Interest Cards". A "Job Interest Card" profile lets you choose job categories for which you receive email notifications. MDCH, in particular, recommends this program to those interested.
Job Title: Public Health Consultant - Training Coordinator
Company: Michigan Department of Community Health
College: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Master of Public Health, Tulsa, OK
High School: St. Pius X High School, Albuquerque, NM
Lives In: Lansing

Michigan Department of Community Health

201 Townsend Street
Lansing, MI 48913

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