Two local restaurants open new locations in Ann Arbor's 777 Building

Two new food businesses are now open in the Ann Arbor office building at 777 E. Eisenhower Parkway, known colloquially as the "777 Building." 

Local eateries Kanbu Sushi and the Thrivery have each opened a secondary location on the first floor of the 777 Building. So called for the large numbers on the building’s top corner indicating its address, the 10-story building was originally built in 1973 and was most recently purchased by local real estate group Oxford Companies in 2018. 

The new restaurants are part of a concentrated effort by Oxford to increase tenancy and offer more amenities to in-person office workers both at the 777 Building and the surrounding area. The changes are also in keeping with recent city zoning changes that aim to make the area more walkable, more livable, and less focused on commercial use.

"Office utilization is changing," says Wonwoo Lee, chief real estate officer for Oxford Companies. "It’s going to be a flight to quality as well as to amenities."

Lee adds that it was important to Oxford, which is headquartered in the 777 Building, to choose local businesses as part of its larger efforts to "amenitize" the building and drive up value for its tenants.

"I think the local nature of this cannot be understated," Lee says. "We want to partner with people that have strong ties to Ann Arbor."

The Thrivery, formerly known as Thrive Juicery, offers a variety of fresh-pressed raw juices as well as coffee, smoothies, and a selection of salads and artisan toasts. Its original location on Stadium Boulevard was opened by Ann Arbor residents Anna and Andy Mignery in 2018.

Kanbu Sushi’s original downtown location on Liberty Street was also opened by a local couple, Scott and Tiffany Choe. Both Kanbu locations offer a wide range of favorites including traditional sushi rolls, bibimbop, udon, and even bubble tea.

Lee says Oxford is currently seeking a third locally based vendor for a 5,800-square-foot space on the building's first floor.

"We’re looking for the right operator with a compelling local narrative," he says. "We’re very much looking forward to getting in touch with that person and saying, ‘Hey, how can we make your vision become a reality?’"

Sabine Bickford Brown is a freelance writer and editor based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She can be reached at

Photo courtesy of Oxford Companies.