Ann Arbor Art Center asks for art proposals for Stadium Blvd

The Ann Arbor Art Center is working with the city of Ann Arbor to build a large public art installation on Stadium Boulevard next to Michigan Stadium, when the city rebuilds the thoroughfare next year. The venerable non-profit has requested proposals for the perfect art installation in anticipation of that project.

"The high visibility of the installation site provides a wonderful opportunity for our community to make a statement about Ann Arbor to the world through the arts and creative expression," says Marie Klopf, president & CEO of the Ann Arbor Art Center.

The city plans to spend $115,000 on the installation on the retaining wall on the south side of Stadium next to the Ann Arbor Golf Course. The retaining wall is between 6 feet and 9 feet tall at its high points. The Ann Arbor Art Center is looking for a large art installation that incorporate art into everything from the retaining wall to the sidewalk to the other elements of the streetscape. Submitted proposals will be assessed on criteria ranging from aesthetics to durability.

Proposals are due by August 31. Information on the process can be found here or by contacting Omari Rush: 734-926-4124 or

Source: Ann Arbor Art Center
Writer: Jon Zemke

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