Arbor Brewing Co debuts "gastro street fare" in renovated brewpub

Arbor Brewing Co is not only showing off its newly renovated space in downtown Ann Arbor, but also an eclectic new menu to go with it. Rene Greff, who co-owns Arbor Brewing Co with her husband Matt Greff, describes the new menu as "gastro street fare," that emphasizes fresh, locally sourced food made from scratch. Think everything from vegetarian dishes to burgers to shared plates to a selection of French fries.

"The most decadent one is fries fried in duck fat," Rene Greff says.

Arbor Brewing Co recently turned 20 years old and celebrated by renovating its downtown Ann Arbor brewpub after the holidays ended. The project includes a revamped bar, dining room seating, entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms.

The overall theme is to modernize the facilities and make it more accessible. The entryway was reconfigured so the door is on the side of the entry vestibule. The bar was redesigned into a U shape by removing a faux wall behind the existing bar, opening it up to more seating and more room for people to navigate the dinning area.

"We are 98 percent done," Rene Greff says. "We are waiting for our new stools to arrive and a few other things like that."

Source: Rene Greff, co-owner of Arbor Brewing Co
Writer: Jon Zemke

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