Mild winter speeds Kingsley West construction in downtown Ann Arbor

Warmer-than-usual temps are making life easier for construction projects this winter, including the folks behind one of downtown Ann Arbor's newest condo developments. 121 Kingsley West is ahead of schedule and about halfway completed  thanks, in part, to Old Man Winter being MIA.

"We've been lucky," says Tom Fitzsimmons, partner & builder of 121 Kingsley West. "We've had a mild winter so far."

The residential project is building 18 condos at Kingsley and Ashley streets. The condos will range in size from 1,000 to 2,400 square feet. They will include off-street parking and all of the finer features of luxury, urban housing. The first tenants are set to move-in this summer.

"This is a long process," Fitzsimmons says. "These are custom units. We are building 18 custom homes on site."

And they're all sold out as of October of last year. The condos ranged in price from mid-$400K to $1.2 million each.

Right now construction workers are taking advantage of the warmer weather and installing exterior materials, like roofing and siding. Focusing on the interior should happen within a few weeks.

"We're just rolling through the units as fast as we can," Fitzsimmons says. "We should be putting up drywall within 2-3 months."

Source: Tom Fitzimmons, partner & builder of 121 Kingsley West
Writer: Jon Zemke

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