High tech firms Quantum Signal, Reactor Zero move into Saline classrooms

Who's to say that the ziggurats of a bygone era can't be remade into high-tech operations? Last November, R&D player Quantum Signal, together with its gaming and simulation division Reactor Zero, moved their joint headquarters into the circa-1930 Union School building at 200 N Ann Arbor St in Saline.

Quantum Signal purchased the the 43,000-square-foot brick facility, complete with the original gymnasium and corridors of lockers.

In addition to sporting ample desk space for about 35 employees, the rooms have been deployed as vehicle and robotics labs. An SUV, truck, car, and a mule (a small vehicle for robotic controls) are housed in spacious former art classrooms. "We were looking for a place that could handle all those different uses, and this building certainly gives us a lot of flexibility," explains Matt Toschlog, president of Reactor Zero.

The facility was in decent shape at move-in, he says; only small renovations, consisting of roof and other mechanical repairs, have been done. In the game plan is a new entrance way and reception area.

The companies were formerly housed in the Airport Plaza business park in Ann Arbor. "It is nice to be in something that's a little bit distinctive instead of being in something that was entirely generic previously," Toschlog adds.

Source: Matt Toschlog, president of Reactor Zero
Writer: Tanya Muzumdar