Weber's wraps up latest renovation by modernizing hotel rooms

Weber's recently wrapped up its latest phase of renovation, breathing new life and decor into its 158 hotel rooms on Ann Arbor’s west side.

The popular hotel, also known as Weber’s Inn, has been in a constant state of renovation since 2009. It has made extensive changes to everything from its meeting facilities to its exteriors. All of those improvements have come with a contemporary design.

"We want to stay relevant and competitive," says Ken Weber, president of Weber's. "When you decide to do that you need to choose a theme. We choose to go with a lasting contemporary design."

The $2 million investment into the hotel rooms including fresh paint with crisper colors, adding upscale furniture, and a complete upgrade to the bathrooms. Each bathroom has a floor-to-ceiling tile shower that comes with a rainfall shower head. There are also musical mirrors that work with  a guest’s mobile device through Bluetooth technology to pump their music through receptors in the mirrors and out Bose speakers in the bathroom.

"So when you're in the shower you can sing to your music if you want," Weber says.

The Weber family got into the hospitality business in 1937 when Weber's father opened the Highspeed Inn in Ann Arbor. He built the current location as a freestanding restaurant in 1962 and added 126 hotel rooms and an indoor pool in 1970. Since then the family has focused on making that location near the I-94 exit on Ann Arbor’s far west side the best it can be.

"It's always been our philosophy not have five or six properties but one property and put all of our investment into it to keep it relevant and as new as possible," Weber says.

Source: Ken Weber, president of Weber's
Writer: Jon Zemke

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