Voices of Youth: An Ypsilanti photo essay

This article is part of Concentrate's Voices of Youth series, which features content created by Washtenaw County youth in partnership with Concentrate mentors, as well as feature stories by adult writers that examine issues of importance to local youth. In this installment, student Djaka Kaba shares a photo essay on familiar places in her hometown of Ypsilanti.

Project title: This makes me think of… 

What is this piece of artwork about? When I walk or drive around and see certain things, what do I automatically think and why do I think it? I feel nostalgia and the feeling of memories coming vividly. I also edited the photos to represent how I feel when I see those certain places if feelings were colors.

What inspired you to make it? My mentor sent me a photo essay showing the stages of an event, which made me think of growing up.

Who are you as an artist? Someone who is able to show things and what they feel through art.

I’ve been riding the bus for years and I have endless stories to tell about it.

We went to the Growing Hope garden to make pizza as a field trip, and every time i drive by there that's what I think of.

The Rutherford Pool is my favorite place to be in the summer.

My sisters and I walked very long walks constantly just to get snacks from this liquor store.

Ypsilanti Community High School was my dream school in the past but I don't really like it anymore.

My family and I used to go to Recreation Park for events and I also played there when I was in the Boys and Girls Club.

Djaka Kaba is a student at Ypsilanti Community High School. Concentrate staffer Yen Azzaro served as her mentor on this project.

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