Ann Arbor's Accio Energy scores $250K from Automation Alley

Accio Energy is raking in big checks from some recognizable names now that Automation Alley has invested $250,000 in the alternative energy start-up.

The 3-year-old firm has made six hires in the last year, bringing its staff to 10 people. It hopes to continue expanding by using the $250,000 and other seed capital it has collected to continue developing its principal product and readying it for commercialization.

"We will continue to hire technologically strong individuals to help us develop the technology," says Jeff Basch, general manager for Accio Energy.

The Ann Arbor-based company is building a wind turbine without the rotation. The new technology, aerovoltaic, harnesses the electrokinetic energy of the wind. The system doesn't have turbine blades and instead is silent and stationary.

Source: Jeff Basch, general manager for Accio Energy
Writer: Jon Zemke
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