Accio Energy secures patents on aerovoltaic technology

Accio Energy is working to reinvent the way we generate wind energy, and now the start-up has the patents to prove it.

The Ann Arbor-based firm, which derives its name from a spell in the Harry Potter books, recently secured two patents for its aerovoltaic technology, which harnesses the electrokinetic energy of the wind without any moving turbine blades. Think of it as harvesting static electricity from the atmosphere.

"We are definitely world leaders in this technology," says Jen Baird, CEO of Accio Energy. She adds that her company has quadrupled its technology's energy output in the last year. "We are approaching striking distance of our first economically viable product," Baird adds.

To hit that milestone, Accio Energy has made four hires of technical personnel over the last year. The 5-year-old start-up now employs nine people, including a fellow from Venture for America. Accio Energy is now looking at striking a strategic partnership with a larger firm as it works to perfect its technology.

"The cost-effectiveness of this technology has become more attractive," Baird says. "We are excited about the potential as well."

Source: Jen Baird, CEO of Accio Energy
Writer: Jon Zemke

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