Akervall Technologies hires 3, expands product portfolio

Change was an important word for Akervall Technologies over the last year. The Ann Arbor-based business has rebranded, expanded its product portfolio, added to its staff and begun work on a bigger and better product.

The 3-year-old company's first product is a thin-yet-tough mouthguard made of non-compressible, perforated material, and is 30 percent stronger than conventional mouth guards. The creation of Dr. Jan Akervall -- a local ear, nose and throat specialist -- was originally branded as Protech Dent. Akervall Technologies rebranded it as SISU Mouth Guards because the former brand was often confused with other non-related firms, such as a gun company, with similar names.

Akervall Technologies also expanded its product portfolio, adding a flavor spray to put on mouth guards called SISU Lyst. It is currently in mint flavor with plans to expand the taste options soon. "Eventually we're going to have to have some more flavors," says Sassa Akervall, COO & president of Akervall Technologies and wife of Dr. Jan Akervall.

Akervall Technologies has also hired three people over the last year, expanding its staff to seven employees. It is currently looking for a summer intern or two. One of its recent hires, made possible by a federal Small Business Innovation Resarch grant, was a scientist who is developing a new material for an improved mouthguard set to launch next year.

"Testing shows it can take impact 50 percent better than existing mouth guards," Akervall says. "The original can take impact 30 percent better."

Source: Sassa Akervall, COO & president of Akervall Technologies
Writer: Jon Zemke

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