Apogee Insights Group tackles intellectual property

Intellectual property. It's a buzzphrase that garners a lot of attention in the new economy in the same way phrases like data mining and aggregate information do. A new Ann Arbor-based consulting firm, Apogee Insights Group, looks to capitalize on this trend of helping entities make the most of their intellectual property.

"We see a definite need for helping companies and government entities maximize the value of their intellectual property," says Dan Arbour, partner with Apogee Insights Group.

The company got its start two months ago when five partners decided to go in together. The small group offers consulting services to not only people who want to maximize their intellectual property, but also to groups that want to acquire or sell it.

Apogee Insights Group currently employs its five partners and an intern. It's looking to immediately add three interns in the social media, business model analyst and research analyst sectors. They will have an opportunity to turn their internships into full-time jobs.

"We will be picking the best and the brightest to move them into the firm long-term," Arbour says. "We see ourselves growing to 10 partners and 20 employees."

Source: Dan Arbour, partner with Apogee Insights Group
Writer: Jon Zemke

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