ArborWind to begin wind turbine production in 2014

Dilip Nigam believes his company, ArborWind, is ready to take alternative energy to the next level with its wind turbine design.

What makes the Ann Arbor-based firm's product unique is its design. While traditional wind turbines look like pinwheels on steroids, ArborWind's wind turbine resembles the shape of a balloon. Where traditional wind turbines have a horizontal-axis design that must face into the wind, ArborWind's product operates on a vertical-access design that allows it to generate power regardless of which way the wind is blowing. Check a video explaining the technology here.
"We have the best wind turbine in the world," Nigam says. "We can't wait to get it into production."

The alternative energy firm and its core team of four people have already erected a prototype of the wind turbine in Marshall. "It has proven everything we wanted it to," Nigam says.

ArborWind is aiming to begin production of its wind turbines next year. It is targeting customers in rural areas, such as farmers looking for a green power source for irrigation pumps in fields far away from utility lines.

"We have gotten a lot of inquiries from around the world," Nigam says. "We want to focus on that market to start."

Source: Dilip Nigam, president & CEO of ArborWind
Writer: Jon Zemke

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