Biotectix hires 2, aims to grow revenue

Biotectix's main technology can now be found in a few humans, and that's a big milestone for the Ann Arbor-based start-up.

The 5-year-old firm is developing materials for medical device implants and sensors. The conductive polymer materials and coatings are aimed at improving the medical device's electrical performance, biocompatibility and tissue response.

"One of our partners has reached the point of using our technology on their device during a human clinical trial," says James Arps, vice president and GM of Biotectix. "It's a big thing to be tested on people."

Biotectix is focusing on licensing out its technology to partners and has been generating revenue from its initial licenses. It aims to be revenue neutral this year, progress that has allowed it to move into its own facility 18 months ago. It has also hired two scientists over the last year, expanding its staff to eight people.

"Over the last two years we have started scaling up and adding staff," Arps says.

Source: James Arps, vice president and GM of Biotectix
Writer: Jon Zemke

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