MI Growth Capital Symposium leverages tech from A2's CrowdJuice

The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium is world renowned as a place for investors of all stripes from all corners of the globe to congregate and score the next big start-up exit. Now the Ann Arbor-based event is drawing upon the technology of a local start-up, CrowdJuice.

CrowdJuice is a based in Ann Arbor's Tech Brewery. It's two-person team has developed software that makes it easy for event participants to find the people they want to connect with, provides background information on them, and helps maximize their networking time. The 1-year-old start-up has recently released the Beta version of its software. It has been testing it out at small local events, such as A2 New Tech Meetup. The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium will be its biggest event to date.

"We found that it is a great way to put a face to the name," says Mary Nickson, a spokesperson for the University of Michigan and one of the organizers of the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium.

The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, organized by the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, is the gold standard for start-up investment conferences in the Midwest. About 40 companies make presentations to a vast array of deep pockets, including angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate interests, and other assorted business interests.

These companies regularly are looking for funding between $500,000 and $2 million, and often get it. Some of previous presenters include HealthMedia Solutions and Accuri Cytometers, both Ann Arbor-based start-ups that were recently acquired for nine figures. Some of this year's presenters include Accelerate Michigan winner DeNovo Sciences and wind-energy-paradigm-changer Accio Energy.

CrowdJuice will be rolling out new aspects of its software, including a mobile version and a fresh design of the software that incorporates the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium and University of Michigan brands. This looks to be a golden opportunity for CrowdJuice, which isn't even looking for investment dollars right now.

"We're not currently looking for funding but it's always good to make those contacts," says Ed Farrell, CEO of CrowdJuice.

Source: Ed Farrell, CEO of CrowdJuice and Mary Nickson, a spokesperson for the University of Michigan
Writer: Jon Zemke
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