Saline-based DesignHub adds 10 new clients

When the economy tanked a few years ago, DesignHub didn't start to feel the pinch until early 2010. Since then the website-design company has landed more clients and done some high-profile work, particularly over the last year.

"The last year has been good," says Chris Kochmanski, partner at DesignHub. "We experienced a slowdown in the first half of 2010 but it has picked up steadily since then."

DesignHub has landed 10 new clients, including the likes of Ann Arbor's Tower Plaza and BioMedware, a bio-tech software consulting firm. That has allowed the Saline-based company to keep its staff of four employees and an independent contractor busy.

Kochmanski is cautiously optimistic about growth for the company over the next year, growth that might allow the company to expand its staff.

"We have a lot of new business proposals in the works," Kochmanski says.

Source: Chris Kochmanski, partner at DesignHub
Writer: Jon Zemke

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