Evigia Systems' sensor products score award from Frost & Sullivan

Evigia Systems has garnered the prestigious independent industry recognition for its wireless sensor and RFID products, winning the Product Line Strategy Award for Wireless Sensing Systems from Frost & Sullivan. Accolades like this and continuous growth have allowed the Ann Arbor-based company to expand their business in Michigan.

"We have been continuously growing," says Navid Yazdi, CEO of Evigia Systems. "The business we are in is a rapidly growing market. This is an incredibly resilient market."

Evigia Systems develops and creates wireless sensing products. Its EV3 platform delivers smaller size, higher energy efficiency and lower cost products which allow significant improvement in the performance and cost of wireless sensing networks.

Yazdi declined to say how many people in total work at Evigia Systems, but did say the seven-year-old company has added four people in the last nine months. That has been on the strength of its sales to government and commercial entities, such as the U.S. military, aerospace and transportation markets. This year Yazdi plans to have Evigia Systems release a few new products and expand in the new markets, such as industrial asset tracking and condition monitoring.

Source: Navid Yazdi, CEO of Evigia Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke

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