Ypsilanti start-up Fusion Coolant Systems enters market place

Fusion Coolant Systems expects to close its first sale this month and expects to begin generating enough revenue in 2011 to sustain itself.

The downtown Ypsilanti-based start-up, which calls Ann Arbor SPARK's East Incubator home, is commercializing an environmentally friendly cutting fluid for industrial uses.
That technology eliminates toxic cutting fluids in metal processing for industrial sectors such as aerospace. It also improves cutting tools performance while reducing the wear.

It recently received a shot in the arm from the Michigan Microloan Fund. That bit of hard-to-find financing will help it tie up a whole host of business loose ends, such as product development, marketing, and sales development.

"It's difficult to get. There is tremendous competition," says Tom Gross, CEO of Fusion Coolant Systems
. "Without this funding, this technology would still be sitting in a lab at the University of Michigan."

The company has grown its team to seven people, adding one more since this fall.

Source: Tom Gross, CEO of Fusion Coolant Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke

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