Ghostly International takes cues from Zingerman's to grow music firm

Ghostly International, the Ann Arbor-based electronic and ambient music label, is taking its inspiration from another staple of Tree Town's entrepreneurial ecosystem, Zingerman's.

"We took stock of everything we were doing and separated everything into separate businesses," says Sam Valenti IV, founder of Ghostly International. "We took a cue from Zingerman's (family of businesses model)."

Ghostly International got its start in Valenti's University of Michigan dorm room in 1999, and established itself as an internationally recognized techno brand. The company recently reached the inflection point where separating itself into divisions made more sense from a growth and quality-control standpoint. Those new subsidiaries include Ghostly Songs, which publishes the label's musicians, and Ghostly Store, which handles online merchandising.

"It's nice to have that freedom," says Jeremy Peters, director of creative licensing and business affairs for Ghostly Songs.

This new approach has allowed Ghostly International, which is based out of the Tech Brewery, to grow its revenue "dramatically" Valenti says. It has also hired three people, expanding its staff to nine employees and two interns.

Ghostly International is also gearing up to release its online music licensing deal called Gholicense. The new technical tool will help artists self publish their work.

Source: Sam Valenti, founder of Ghostly International and Jeremy Peters, director of creative licensing and business affairs for Ghostly Songs
Writer: Jon Zemke

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