Greenview Data email encryption services spur more hires

Greenview Data's services have evolved over its 24 years, enabling it to keep growing.

The Ann Arbor-based business has generally focused on digital security, which has meant developing spam prevention software such as SpamStopsHere. Today, it means moving into email encryption and archiving services.

"That is what has been driving our business," says Ted Green, CEO of Greenview Data.

This new focus has allowed Greenview Data to spike it revenue 15 percent in the last year. It has also hired two more people in sales and support over the last year, expanding its staff to about 20 people. Green is also looking to hire two more software developers this spring/summer to help it build out more software products.

Greenview Data plans to add more software products to its portfolio, but it's still focused on providing digital security services, primarily through email encryption, to its base of core customers. While Greenview Data was able to grow some of the work with its existing customer base it was able to leverage its reputation in the workplace to attract new clients to sustain its growth.

"Most of our new business comes from new customers," Green says.

Source: Ted Green, CEO of Greenview Data
Writer: Jon Zemke

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