InfoReady’s software becomes platform of choice for higher ed

InfoReady got its start five years ago as a tech startup with grand ambitions spinning out of a establish tech firm. Today it’s starting to realize those ambitions as it becomes a household name in its space.

"We now have a national footprint," says Bhushan Kulkarni, CEO of InfoReady. "We also have a 15 percent market share when it comes to higher education."

The Ann Arbor-based company’s software helps clients streamline and digest their information overload. That means they can help everyone from businesses looking to hit milestones to research teams in higher education manage grant applications, internal funding requests, candidate selection, scholarships, and tenure and promotion applications.

Today that platform for higher education, InfoReady Review, is now being used in 100 research departments in universities across 35 states. Its customers include the state university systems in Texas, Indiana and California.

"It's being implemented across the system in California," Kulkarni says.

More than half of its clients have come onboard over the last year. That client base encompasses 50,000 faculty members.

"More importantly we have had 100 percent client retention," Kulkarni says.

That has allowed InfoReady to grow its staff to 25 people, including six hires over the last year. Those new jobs include a chief growth officer and a client services head. Kulkarni expects that growth to continue this year and next, and more importantly he wants to keep the company’s client retention rate at 100 percent.

Source: Bhushan Kulkarni, CEO of InfoReady
Writer: Jon Zemke

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