Sales help provider launches out of Tech Brewery

Mark Shalinsky sees a hole in the market for start-ups in need of sales help, and he is planning to fill it with his new start-up

Shalinsky recently worked in sales for Massachusetts-based Jove, telecommuting from Ann Arbor. He noticed a lot of local start-ups in need of solid sales help at reasonable prices, so he started with the idea of developing that sales force for them.

"The goal for me is be the director of sales for a number of start-ups and mid-size companies," Shalinsky says. He adds that his staff would work closely with these start-ups, eventually developing skilled personnel who are familiar enough with the start-ups to join them as sales directors.

"That way we can be local for local start-ups," Shalinsky says. "The goal is to hire local and sell global." has two clients and a goal of starting with a staff of 3-4 people by this fall, working out of the Ann Arbor-based Tech Brewery. Shalinsky is currently looking to hire a few people. The long-term plan is to expand into a solid physical presence in both Ann Arbor and another entrepreneurial hub in Michigan, such as Detroit or Grand Rapids.

Source: Mark Shalinsky, founder of
Writer: Jon Zemke

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