Ann Arbor's MS&L plans to add up to 20 jobs over two years

A new age of marketing calls for new media to reach audiences, which often means new jobs.

That's the case with MS&L Digital's Ann Arbor office. The 32-person firm (a.k.a. Hass Associates until it was acquired in 2002) handles digital PR for the likes of GM and Proctor & Gamble.

That means establishing comprehensive web presence for clients with features like targeted websites and spots on social-media sites. They have developed GM's FastLane Blog and helped brand Saturn with

"We like to describe ourselves as navigators in the digital age for our clients," says Jud Branam, managing director of MS&L Digital.

It's working well for the firm, too. MS&L Digital's revenue and staffing have both grown 25 percent in the last year. The office hopes to continue that organic growth with its existing clientele, adding another 20 or so jobs in Ann Arbor within the next two years.

"It's just a great time to be in this field and we anticipate it will stay strong," Branam says.

Source: Jud Branam, managing director of MS&L Digital
Writer: Jon Zemke