OcuSciences to start clinical trials for ocular diagnostic technology

OcuSciences can almost see the finish line, and the end is commercialization for the Ann Arbor-based firm.

The circa-2006 start-up is in the process of developing an ocular diagnostic technology for metabolomic diseases. In layman's terms, that technology allows doctors to diagnose patients with diseases like diabetes by scanning their eyes. The process has the potential to be more accurate and catch a diabetes diagnosis much earlier than traditional methods.

"We are making more and more improvements as we develop the product," says Matt Field, business manager for OcuSciences. His company has partnered with two pharmaceutical firms and a medical device company to further the development as it progresses through clinical trials. Commercialization could come as soon as 18-24 months.

OcuSciences, a University of Michigan spin-out, grew from three people to eight, including three full-timers and a number of independent contractors. Field expects the staffing numbers to increase as the firm gets closer to commercialization.

"We could go from three people to 10 or 20 very quickly," Field says. "It depends on how the clinical trials go."

Source: Matt Field, business manager for OcuSciences
Writer: Jon Zemke

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